Beach Duinhoevepad

Duinhoevepad, Renesse
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Nudist beach
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Dogs on beach

honden aangelijndOnly leashed dogs are allowed on the beaches of Burgh Haamstede during the period 1 May till 1 October between 10:00 till 19:00.
Outside of the above mentioned period and time are dogs allowed (both loose and leased) on the beaches of Burgh Haamstede.


Further, we also recommend reading the information board, with the local beach rules, which is often placed near every beach (entrance).

Horses on beach

On the beaches between the beach DoMaynen 3 and Duinhoevepad, horse riding is permitted throughout the day and year.

However, on the other beaches of Burgh-Haamstede, horse riding on the beaches is prohibited during the bathing season (from May 15 till September 15) daily from 10.00 till 19.00 hours. Outside this period and times horse riding on the beaches is allowed.

Please read the information boards carefully, which are at each beach (entrance).

Accommodations near the beach

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marker Duinhoevepad, Renesse