Molenhoek - Playground

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Molenhoek is a public playground located between the supermarket and the sports fields of FC De Westhoek, on the grounds between Van Citterspad, Leliëndaleweg, and Burghseweg.

What does playground Molenhoek offer?

Playground Molenhoek is the perfect place for children to let off steam. The playground features various natural play equipment and challenges for young and old alike.

Come to playground Molenhoek and enjoy a time full of fun and adventure!

Furthermore Molenhoek is near the following sights: Burghse School (±125 m), Huis van Burgh (±650 m), Slot Haamstede (±750 m), Golf Farm Molenberg (±1,2 km) & Passenger Ship the Onrust (±2,1 km).

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Citterspad, Burgh