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Located in the beautiful Renesse, Jonker Funsports is one of the first surf schools in the Netherlands. From an introductory lesson to an intensive 3-day course, at Jonker Funsports you will always find a lesson that is perfectly tailored to your level.

What can you expect at Jonker Funsports?

Experience the Authentic Surf Atmosphere at Jonker Funsports Renesse

With its professional approach and typical surf atmosphere, Jonker Funsports is the ideal place for anyone looking for an active day out. Whether you want to try the latest water sport, improve your surfing skills, or simply enjoy the sea, Jonker Funsports welcomes you with open arms.

Check out the website for the wide range of different lessons and book your unforgettable surf experience now!

Furthermore Jonker Funsports is near the following sights: The Perfect Game (±200 m), Funhouse Renesse (±200 m) & Tennis & Midgetgolf Renesse (±650 m).

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Zeeanemoonweg 8, Renesse
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