Gasthuiskerk - Church

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The Gasthuiskerk in Zierikzee is a striking monument with a rich history. This Protestant church, part of the Dutch Reformed Church, offers a unique insight into the religious and societal life of the city through the centuries.

What can you expect at the Gasthuiskerk in Zierikzee?

Visiting the Gasthuiskerk

The Gasthuiskerk in Zierikzee offers a fascinating glimpse into the city's historical heritage and is a must-visit for lovers of history and architecture.

Practical Information

Take the opportunity to visit the Gasthuiskerk and delve into the deep religious and social history that this building carries with it.

Experience the silence and the past at the Gasthuiskerk of Zierikzee!

Furthermore Gasthuiskerk is near the following sights: City Hall Museum Zierikzee (±150 m), Frisia Cruises (±350 m) & Museum Harbour Zeeland (±500 m).

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