6D1 - Duinpark t Hof van Haamstede - Bungalow

6D1 - Duinpark t Hof van Haamstede - 1

Bungalow for up to 6 people. This 6D1 accommodation with three bedrooms, is ±110m² and is located on Duinpark t Hof van Haamstede in Burgh-Haamstede. The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, freezer compartment, coffee machine, water boiler, dishwasher and combi microwave, among other things.

Duinpark 't Hof van Haamstede
At Duinpark 't Hof van Haamstede, you step directly into the stunning Zeepeduinen nature reserve. The nearby beach, perfect for a breath of fresh air, is also easily accessible from this tranquil park - a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

As the name suggests, the detached and spacious accommodations of Duinpark 't Hof van Haamstede are nestled amidst the pristine Zeeland countryside. From your comfortable lodging, you can walk straight into the Zeepeduinen. This car-free holiday park is located in the picturesque village of Burgh-Haamstede, situated in the westernmost part of Schouwen-Duiveland. This means ample opportunities for breezy walks, kite flying, cycling, and various water sports. Additionally, you can savour local delicacies such as Oosterschelde lobster, mussels, and oysters. A stone's throw away is the Boswachterij Westerschouwen nature reserve, allowing you to fully appreciate all the beauty Zeeland has to offer. Meanwhile, children can play to their heart's content in the playground.

The beach is approximately 3 kilometre from the resort, about 39 minutes walk.

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’t Hof Van Haamstede
Hogeweg 44, Burgh-haamstede
tel. +31 111 657 000 
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