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Climbing Forest Westerschouwen - 1

A day full of adventure and fun at Westerschouwen Adventure Park, located in the beautiful natural area of Westerschouwen. This adventure park offers an exciting and challenging experience for both young and old.

What can you expect at Westerschouwen Adventure Park?

Challenge and Fun

Westerschouwen Adventure Park offers a unique combination of adventure, sports, and nature, ideal for an active day out.

Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or simply want to enjoy nature, Westerschouwen Adventure Park has something for everyone.

Furthermore Climbing Forest Westerschouwen is near the following sights: Golf Farm Molenberg (±1,8 km), Huis van Burgh (±2,4 km), Burghse School (±2,9 km), Molenhoek (±3,0 km) & Slot Haamstede (±3,7 km).

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Kraaijensteinweg 140, Westenschouwen
tel. +31 111 450 045 
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